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Evans Morrow Company specializes in the establishment, improvement and transformation of service delivery and support systems.  The innovative and inquisitive approaches used are particularly known for maximizing customer value in transitioning marketplaces.  Services available include management consulting, change facilitation, project management, service management and process improvement.  Approaches range from independent assessment through employee involvement or team building.  Experience includes the transformation of traditional service operations into competitive industry leaders, and the creation of integrated service offerings for new or evolving industries.  Evans Morrow Company has proven expertise in operations design and start-up, as well as systems design and implementation.


Ensure the viability of any technology and systems implementation by getting the “process experts” involved.


Consulting Charter


To cause beneficial impact through establishing and improving:

*   Innovative and valued services provided to customers

*   Competitive business advantage

*   Fulfilling work for employees

*   Manageable and cost-effective operations




“I have twenty years of experience adapting the application of Industrial Engineering techniques to the service industry.  These same methods translate well into the information and entertainment experience industries.”


“My project work has been focused on establishing and improving services, and the service delivery processes.  I do reviews and designs.  The reviews result in recommendations to improve the value of services provided to customers.  The designs organize work processes into a system that can function to deliver sustainable and improving quality service at a reasonable cost.”


“Clients range from start-ups to large established service companies.  There are many transitions occurring in how services are being provided and delivered.  I have the most impact wherever things are changing, and when technology creates an opportunity for change.  My involvement ensures that the change isn't driven by the technology, but instead the technology is used to benefit the customers.”



First Published September 27, 1999.

Last Updated May 12, 2010.

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