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Evans Morrow Company   

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Evans Morrow Company

Management Consulting

Service Development

Project Management

Process Improvement

Change Facilitation

Operations Assessment

Systems Design & Implementation

Industrial Engineering

Process Re-engineering

Productivity Improvement

Evan Lovell, Principal Consultant

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Evans Morrow Company


“Creating the service experience”


Evans Morrow Company specializes in the establishment, improvement and transformation of service delivery and support systems.  The innovative and inquisitive approaches used are particularly known for maximizing customer value in transitioning marketplaces.  Services available include management consulting, change facilitation, project management, service management and process improvement.  Approaches range from independent assessment through employee involvement or team building.  Experience includes the transformation of traditional service operations into competitive industry leaders, and the creation of integrated service offerings for new or evolving industries.  Evans Morrow Company has proven expertise in operations design and start-up, as well as systems design and implementation.


Ensure the viability of any technology and systems implementation by getting the “process experts” involved.






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Evans Morrow Company

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